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This is a collection of short essays and journal entries that I've written since coming out as trans. In them you can see how my identity and understanding of myself has developed and in some cases shifted over time. I have chosen to include some pieces that don't feel like an accurate representation of my feelings or experiences now, because they were true at the time they were written and they are important parts of my history.

About Me- originally written January 2001, last updated January 2006

Letter to My Parents- March 2001

Growing Up Queer- May 2001

Transwhat?- June 2001

Butch/Femme- November 2001

Evolution of a Name- February 2002

Coming Out, Being Out, and Moving Ahead- February 2002

Shifting Identities- June 2003 and August 2005

Transgender Butch- May 2004

Stone- September 2004

Pressure and judgment from the "FTM community"- March 2006

Disclosure- August 2007

Thoughts on hysterectomy- January 2008

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