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My hope for this section is that it won't be just another website with transition pictures, but that it will really help people understand what this whole process and experience has been like for me. I'll try to write about whatever changes take place for me emotionally and mentally as well as documenting the physical changes. Please take the time to read through everything and not just jump right to the pictures and sound clips. I want to show people that there is more to transitioning than just injecting yourself with testosterone and having surgeries. It is a change I have made in every part of my life, and one that began well before I started taking hormones.

rearview mirror

**Please note that a lot of the original images and files from this section have been lost.**

I have chosen to obscure my face in photos on this site. If you want to see facial comparison shots, please email me at to introduce yourself and let me know why you would like to see them.